Adult Affiliate Program Listings

Welcome to Your one-stop-shop for finding all the adult affiliate programs you need to get started in the adult entertainment industry.

For those of you that didn’t know, “Affiliate Marketing” is when an individual or company gets paid to promote another company. In this case, the adult webmasters get paid to promote all the websites found here.

Signing up is simple; Just click on the “signup button” on each page and you will be taken to a form to fill-out and submit. Once approved, you’ll gain access to the websites content and tools for promotion and can start making big money in the adult industry.


Don’t Yet Have An Adult Website?

Read the guide on building an adult website.

Building an adult website is inexepensive and easy. In fact, there are some programs (found on this site) that offer free hosting for their affiliates. Some websites even offer scripts that can help you deploy an affiliate site in seconds!


How Do I Do Affiliate Marketing?

After signing up with one of the programs, they’ll give you promotional material to help promote their programs. What kind of promotional material they offer will vary from program to program. Some programs will provide material you can use to build your website, such as zipped photos and videos. Some will only provide display ads, pop-unders, linking codes and other ad-types.

Each program will track your traffic through special affiliate links. These links are unique to you as a publisher. Once the traffic clicks on your link, a cookie is placed on their browser. This cookie will track them, so if they leave the website and come back later, you’ll still get credit for the traffic. The “cookie duration”, or the amount of time the tracking cookie is good for will vary. Some networks will allow the cookies to last til the end of time (or the cookies are cleared from the browser) while other affiliate programs only last for a limited amount of time.


How Do I Market The Affiliate Offers?

SEO is the best way to market your affiliate offers. Build a website and do the things necessary to get it ranked well in search engines such as Google. This will provide a great stream of traffic to your website. Match up the offers with the proper content. If your site is niche to a specific category of porn, you can use the same sitewide ads. If your site contains multiple niches and genres, be sure your matching the right ads and offers to the right programs.

Social media is another great way to promote your affiliate offers. You can either use social media to promote the offers directly,  or use social media to send traffic to your websites where the affiliate banners are located.


What Are The Best Adult Affiliate Programs?

There is no “best adult affiliate program”. Niche offers located on niche sites will generally perform way better than random offers on a non-niche site. No two websites have identical traffic, and a lot of the success of the affiliate marketing depends on catering to your unique audience. It’s best to constantly be experimenting with offers and trying optimize the programs you are promoting for the best profits possible.

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